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Realizing the importance of introducing the most modern information technology in the  Republic of Yemen to contribute in developing the Yemeni society in all fields,

TeleYemen has introduced the Internet Service during September 1996. 

All the Ynet Internet components or parts have been enhanced two successive times. In addition, TeleYemen has been keen to introduce the best and most sophisticated systems to meet the requirements of the Yemeni market and ensure providing good quality service to meet customer satisfaction.. 

Moreover, TeleYemen has been keen to make the service readily accessible to all the Yemenis at the minimum cost without including any extra telephone charges for connection between the cities. Thus, all the major cities such Aden, Taiz, Hodeidah & Mukalla are connected through routers.

As a result of the recent upgrading, protection use of customers accounts has been improved by providing Caller Line Identification to restrict the access to the Internet through specific telephone numbers. Customers can also manage their Internet account by reviewing their usage details such as duration, access time, date  and telephone numbers used to access the internet.

Access to the Internet via the ISDN  has been introduced to  provide high quality connection to the Internet at 128Kbs.  Routers existing in the major cities are also being replaced by digital routers that support ISDN connection to enable the customers in these cities to take advantage of these facility. 

To facilitate customerís PC set-up to dial the Internet, TeleYemen has developed a starter kit CD which will enable customers to automatically  set-up on their PCís dial-up connection. The customer just needs to insert the starter kit CD into his PC CD driver to start making the necessary set-up for his Dial-up Connection, e-mail and browsers.

It is worth mentioning that TeleYemen is now using all the most modern hardware and software available in the market.  Nevertheless, it must be noted that there are several factors that affect the speed of access and browsing.  The most important of these factors are:-

1-     Speed and capacity of the PC in use.

2-     Wrong dial-up set-up.

3-     Wrong Modem driver installation.

4-     Using cheap modems of poor quality .

5-     Using noisy telephone lines to have access to the Y.net.

6-     The site required to be browsed and the number of its visitors at one time. 

Finally, we would like to reiterate that TeleYemen spares no effort to provide the best possible services, to the satisfaction of the customers. 

Wishing you ever-lasting success.  




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