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for Windows 95 & 98 & Dial-up Connection

Information you need before Beginning

  1. Your User ID (Username)

  2. Your Password

  3. Your provider phone number (192)

  4. Domain Name Server (DNS) address :
     Primary DNS: 
     Backup DNS:

  5. e-mail in going and out going server: mail.y.net.ye

Firstly Installing Dial-Up Networking

go to My Computer directory to check if you found the Dial-Up Networking directory, then it is already installed and you can skip to "Setting Up the Network Configuration", if not found then follow up the following instructions:

Go to My Computer, double click Control Panel, double click Add/Remove Programs icon then click on the Windows Setup tab,scroll through the list until you see Communications, and highlight it.

Click the [details] button, and check the Dial-Up Networking box

Once you click OK. Windows will prompt you for your Windows installation CD ROM, Dial-Up Networking well then be installed.




Secondly Setting Up the Network Configuration


From the Control Panel, double click the Network icon , a panel will be displayed showing what configurations are installed already or it might be empty nothing was installed.

Follow up the following to configure all Network configuration :

Installing Dial Up Adapter:

Click Add, then double-click Client , then scroll through the

Manufacturers list and highlight Microsoft, then highlight

"Dial-Up Adapter" in the network adapter window. Click OK.

Highlight Dial-Up Adapter and click the [Properties]

button Select Enhanced Mode under the Driver Type

tab. Select the Binding tab and make sure that TCP/IP is

the only item with a checkmark, and under the Advance tap,

do not touch any thing. Click OK


Thirdly: Creating a Dial-Up connection

After restarting your PC go to My Computer, you will note that a new folder "Dial-Up Networking" was added.

  Double-Click the "Dial-Up Networking" folder

  Double-Click the icon "Make New Connection" this will start the new connection wizard.

  At the Name field, give the connection a name: Dial Teleyemen.

  Make sure that the Modem type is the right one.

  Click Next, enter the phone number : 192, leave area code empty.

  Click Next, then click Finish.

You will now be back to in your Dial-Up Networking folder, and you will see the new connection you just created.

Highlight the icon Dial Teleyemen, select the command "Properties" from the File menu.

Click [Configure] button, and set the port to the correct one for your Modem if it is not set already.

Select the speaker volume, Set the Maximum speed to 115200bps, make sure that the "only connect at this speed" box is not selected.

Click OK, you will be back to the General tab of your connection.

Click the "Server Type" button, you will presented with a new panel, Leave "Log On to Network" and "Require Encrypted Password" unchecked. Check the box "Enable software Compression" , make sure TCP/IP protocol is the only one checked.

Click Ok, then OK again, you will return back to Dial-Up Networking folder.

Highlight the icon Dial Teleyemen, select the command Setting from the connection menu.

Click the redial check box, and enter the number of minutes or seconds at the field of "Before Giving up Retry" and the number of tries.

Click OK

Now you are ready to use the dialer, please see how to Setup the Proxy for Netscape or Explorer

See also how top set up your email.

For any farther information, please dial 153.


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