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The y.net Internet Helpdesk  are ready to help y.net customers  who require assistance or have any general or specific questions about the Internet. Our mission is to maximize technological proficiency and growth throughout the Internet community by providing friendly and timely resolutions to assistance requests, whereby all our users questions are answered and problems resolved.

The Help Desk is only a phone call away 

We provide the following assistance  :

         Installation & Configuration of Netscape and Explorer

         Tips on Browsing the Net.

         Configuration of different Email  programs.

         Using E-mail efficiently.

         Troubleshooting & debugging problems.

         FTP Setup

         Proxy Setup

         Internet Bill Status

Before You call 01 7523351.or 7523350

         Check that all cables are plugged in correctly, e.g. modem, etc.

         If you have an external modem, switch it off and turn it on again.

         Before starting any of the Internet applications (Netscape, Eudora, etc.) make sure that you are connected to Y.net.

         Look up any error messages/questions in HELP. Most applications come with on-line help. Try finding the answer in the manual.

         Last but not least, make sure that your Internet bill is paid!

When you call the Help Desk for assistance, there are a few common questions that the Help Desk personnel will ask you. It is important to have the following information ready:

         Your email address and Internet Account No. or Service No. you can get them from your Order form or Y.net bills.

         You have a PC (IBM compatible) or Macintosh (Apple)

         The Operating System you are using (For example, Win 98, Winxp, Win NT, or Macintosh)

         It is ESSENTIAL that you are at the computer when you call. Many times there are things that the Help Desk staff can talk you through to resolve the problem or to get a better idea of what the problem is.

         Write down the  exact error message to be able to diagnose your problem.

         If the Help Desk personnel are unable to answer your question or solve your problem over the telephone, we will suggest that you bring your PC to TeleYemen office, no need for screen keyboard and mouse.


For any farther information, please dial 153.


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