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Dedicated Internet Access Through  Leased Line ;

Ynet offers you the optimum business connection to the Internet through the use of a dedicated leased line with connection speeds ranging from 64Kbps to 2.9MBps. The leased line is a simple way to have 24-hour networking facility between all users on your LAN as well as enjoy access to the Internet.

A dedicated telephone line provided by PTC will be used to connect the server and LAN (Local Area Network) at your company to the Internet. With this leased line, your LAN becomes part of the Internet. Anyone connected to your LAN will have 24 hours a day uninterrupted accesses to the entire Internet resources.

Benefits of the Leased Line and Dedicated Internet Access:

         One flat monthly fee allows for unlimited usage 24 hours a day, with no additional per use charges.

         Unlimited number of company employees (users) can use the Internet. The number of concurrent users will depend on the speed of the leased line and the Internet connection.

         All e-mails and file transfers will be received and stored at your server.

         A private virtual domain name address, i.e.name@companyname.com.ye is provided, associating each e-mail address with the company name.



Monthly Charges














Please call PTC to confirm their tariff .

 For any farther information, please dial 153.

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