Dial up ISDN (Integrated Service Digital Network ) is a service whereby customers can access the Internet through a 64kbps using an ISDN dial up MODEM. ISDN can transmit data at up to four times the speed of a fast analogue modem. Graphics, audio, and video come through much faster. Download time is substantially reduced. ISDN provides customers with more than one communication channel, first channel can be used for surfing the net while keeping the other channel for fax or voice.

Because ISDN is purely digital, it can more easily deliver data intact from end to end, largely eliminating the effects of noise. And because the 128 Kbps channel is essentially a pure "bit pipe," with no rate negotiation or handshaking involved, there are no modem speed or protocol differences to cause conflicts. In fact, because the negotiation phase with ISDN is so simple, ISDN takes only a second or two to dial and establish a connection (modems may take as long as a minute to accomplish the same thing). These benefits alone are worth the cost of two high-speed analog modems.



To utilize this service you need to have:


         Normal (analog) Internet account + ISDN Dialup service subscription

         ISDN terminal adapter or modem that support 64kbps or 128kbps speed.


For 64kbps dial-up connection, the normal Dial-up access tariff will be applied with YR 3,240 monthly charge, see the table bellow.
When accessing the Internet @ 128kbps, you will actually be connected through 2 x 64kpbs ports or channels, so instead of being charged for 5 minutes on 128kpbs, you will be charged as though you had 10 minutes on a 64kpbs port.  (ie. 5minutes on each 64kbps) the cost is the same, see the table bellow.


charge Y.R.

Set-up Fee Y.R.

Dial-up charge




Normal Dial-up tariff




Usage X  2 X normal Dial-up tariff

Click here to print  ISDN Order Form


How To Subscribe?

1- Visit sales at TeleYemen Office.
2- For Personal Use Account (Yemen Nationality)

         Attach Application Letter

         Filling up ISDN connection Order form

         Copy of ID

         Copy of PTC telephone line agreement.

3- Personal Use Account (Non Yemeni)

         Filling up ISDN Order form

         Copy of Passport

         Guarantee letter from place of work

4- Companies, Org. Embassies, Gov.

         Filling up ISDN  Order form, stamped and signed

         Covering (Application) letter

         Small companies are asked to bring a copy of telephone line ownership agreement.

5- Pay registration and first monthly charge.


         If the customer already has a normal Dial-up account, no need to attach copy of Tel. Agreement or guarantee letter.

         New customers should make normal Dial-up connection subscription before subscribing to have ISDN connection.

  Setting-up ISDN Dial-up Connection

1.      Follow up the instructions to install the ISDN Modem or adapter, during the set-up process.

2.      ISDN standard type selects DSS1(Euro ISDN) Europe & South America

3.      Type the ISDN Tel. Number (Optional) you can leave the fields blank

4.      Specify required speed to be 64kpbps or 128kbps

5.      Go to Dial-up Networking 

6.      Double click Make New Connection

7.      Name the new dialer "ISDN Connection"

8.      Select the ISDN Modem

9.      In the telephone number field, type in 192 and pres "Finish" button. The new dialer will be created.

10.  Select the new Dialer, click the mouse right button

11.  Select "Properties"

12.  In the General tab click "Configure" button, make sure the speed is to 64kbps


For any farther information, please dial 153.


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