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IP Address with Virtual POP Domain Mail




IP Address with Virtual POP Domain Mail

With this service, the customer dedicates a machine on his Local Area Network “LAN” to exchange his whole network’s email with y.net.  A modem is configured to dial in to Y.net a number of times each day, during, which time, the customer’s inbound mail is downloaded to his host, and outbound email is uploaded to the Internet.


In order to use this service, the customer must have the following:

1. A dedicated mail host

2. The UUCP or SMTP gateway software for the customer’s Email package

3. The technical resources to configure the gateway

4. A good brand modem


All Y.net customers fall under the .YE domain unless they have their own domain names registered with the InterNIC, ” the organization which handles the registration and master records of Internet’s addresses”.


The customer will be given a Virtual POP Domain Mail with unlimited E-mail aliases which allow him to have more than one address per mailbox. For example, you could be sales@yourname.com.ye AND you could be marketing@yourname.com.ye ,Mail sent to either alias would be delivered to the same mailbox, the customer can have unlimited numbers of e-mail addresses, but these must be defined at his e-mail server only.


Tariffs :

§   Setup charges                      Y.R 48,000

§     Monthly Subscription           Y.R 17,600


Free Dial-Up Access Subscription :         (Optional)

Customers in this service are given FREE Internet account (USERNAME) with no additional registration charges.


Dialup Access Charges:

As per one of our exiting dial-up charge plans.


For further information, please contact our Internet Sales on 7523350,7523351 or call to our office at the Telecoms building 26th September St. Altahreer area, Sana’a.


For any farther information, please dial 153. 


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