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Internet Connection Through Specified Telephone Numbers

New Free Service to Protect Your Accounts From Illegal Usage

As part of our overall Internet enhancement program, TeleYemen is pleased to introduce the Caller Line  Identification (CLI)  service. This will provide customers with the ability to restrict access to their accounts from specific telephone numbers only. Customers will be required to specify up to 3 telephone numbers from which their accounts can be accessed.

Once you have provided us with these 3 numbers, only calls from these 3 numbers will be allowed access to your Internet account.

The main purpose of this feature is to provide full protection from unauthorized use, and will ensure that only approved users have access to your account.

To activate this service, please visit Customer Services at TeleYemen office and complete an application form. Alternatively, you can download the CLI order form from the following URL: orderform.htm 


For any farther information, please dial 153.


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