The American Studies Center

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The American Studies Center

       The American Studies center was established in may 1998.

  Objectives And Function of The Center

    1- Studying The American social and political structure that has connection with modern civilization.

    2- Offering analytical view and concepts for the mechanism of developing the American Arab relationship that could serve the mutual interests for the two parties.

    3- Introduce students willing to continue further studies in the U.S.A to the American civilization culture and institution.

    4- Provide chances to businessman willing to know how decisions are made at institutional and commercial company levels.

    5- Improve the linguistic performance in English and other major areas of the students selecting these areas for studies.

  The Center with the expected help and assistance from USAID American embassy will be equipped and provided with books. references and data base that help students study various areas related to the American literature. history and culture computers connected to the internet ,CD-ROMs, videotapes, journals and other necessary sources will be provided to the center.

   The center offers a diploma in American studies the duration of which two years, students after taking the diploma ,may continue for BA in most of the American universities.

   The diploma is open only for arts students and may be available for other students in other colleges.


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