Modern Standard Arabic

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Courses & Levels


  • Pre-MSA: Using a variety of classroom activities, this course will enable participants to acquire basic foundations, such as reading, writing, listening and speaking, as well as developing language acquisition skills.
  • Beginners MSA: This course enhances basic writing and speaking skills. It introduces different patterns of nominal sentences, present and future tenses of the verb, pronoun conjugations, and basic vocabulary.
  • Early Elementary MSA: This course expands on the previous level, and teaches the past tense of verbs. This level deals with all essential, morphological rules related to verb conjugation, such as weak roots and the ten forms of the Arabic verb, and sentence structure.
  • Elementary MSA: This level prepares the participant with essential newspaper expressions and vocabulary. This level expands on morphological aspects of vocabulary i.e., verbal nouns, the comparative and superlative, and the active and passive voices. This will enable participants to understand and use verbs in a meaningful context.
  • Early Intermediate MSA: This level teaches sentence formation compounds and complex sentences and related syntax, i.e., connectors, clauses.
  • Intermediate MSA: Students will be exposed to different styles of Arabic texts, with the aim of building more specialized lexicon and expanding on grammar tprevious levels. This level also enforces oral and written skills through a variety of classroom activities.
  • Pre-Advanced and Advanced levels: In these levels, participants are exposed to a variety of texts, to develop a more sophisticated vocabulary while also widening their understanding of different styles of writing, i.e., informative, argumentative, philosophical, scientific and literary styles, from different eras and writers.
  • The variety of texts enable students to have a deeper and more analytical view of Arabic grammar, where more subtle structures are studied in order to clarify any syntax problems. The participant will also recycle old morphological and grammatical rules to enhance and develop writing and listening skills.
  • Additional Courses: To enhance your productive use of Arabic, we offer short calligraphy, reading, and writing courses taken in conjunction with your other studies, as well as tailored courses in religious studies, economics and literature.


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