Arabic Courses Fees

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Arabic Courses Fees

  • Yemeni Colloquial Arabic (YCA)
    5 lessons of 10 hours per week for 4 weeks (40 hours) $US 280
  • Modern Standard Arabic (MSA)
    5 lessons of 10 hours per week for 4 weeks (40 hours) $US 280
  • Combined YCA & MSA
    5 lessons per week, 10 hours of MSA and 8 hours of YCA weekly (72hours) $US 504
  • Summer School Intensive Courses (July-Sept.) in YCA or MSA
    5 lessons per week, 4 hours daily, for 4 weeks (80 hours) $US 560
  • Survival Arabic
    3 lessons per week for 1 hour, for 4 weeks (12 hours, evenings only) $US 84

  • Additional courses (in conjunction with YCA or MSA courses)
    I.e., calligraphy, reading & writing, price per hour = $US 10

Teachers are also available to help the students with their specific needs,
such as wrdisser, university theses, etc.


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