Entering Yemen Requirements

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VISA requirements outside Yemen: you MUST check with the Yemeni Embassy in your home country. The Institute can only provide the following:

Visas only for three months issued, citizens must leave Yemen to obtain a renewal.

VISA requirements inside Yemen: You require a 1 month Tourist Visa which can only be obtained from your local Yemeni Embassy or on arrival at Sana’a Airport (the stamps are purchased from a bank kiosk before immigration control). Visas cost approximately $US 20.

Money Exchange: You can change money without restrictions. The Exchange rate is approximately YR 134 to the dollar. Traveler’s checks are recommended. You can use VISA or Master card to obtain cash, however not every bank will provide this service. Credit cards can be used in major shops and hotels but you will pay a surcharge. (Note: outstanding course fees must be paid in CASH on arrival, in Sterling, US dollars or Yemeni Rails.

Arrival in Sana’a: If you wish to be met at the airport, please tick the appropriate box on the application form enclosed. We will arrange for a representative to meet you and assist with visas, immigration and take you to a hotel. See “Accommodation” section for more details. It is a requirement of the government that every visitor to Sana’a must register with the police within one month. Please ask us for information about the nearest place to register.

Accommodation: On arrival, our representative will take you a small hotel for 1 or 2 days before your registration at the Institute. If you arrive on a Thursday night you will have to stay 3 nights at the hotel. Once you have officially registered at the Institute, we will assist you in finding accommodation (Sunday to Thursday only), if this service has been requested on the application form. Room rental in an apartment is approximately ($US 150) per month. We can assist in negotiations with landlords. If you prefer to stay in a local hotel, this can also be arranged if requested on the application form.

School Hours: The Institute is CLOSED on Thursdays and Fridays. This does NOT affect the meet and assist service as mentioned in the “ Arrival in Sana’a” section. Class times are either 9-11 AM, 11 AM-1 PM, 3 - 5 PM, 5-7 PM, 7-9 PM depending on the courses you are studying.

Public holidays: Classes that fall on such a day are usually canceled. Courses that have a high number of public holidays, such as religious holidays, may be offered at a lower price. Due to the moveable nature of the religious holidays, we cannot predict the exact date in our course date schedule.

Course bookings: Courses begin every 2 weeks and students progress through the levels on a monthly or bimonthly basis, depending on the intensity of the course they are registered for. Students simply re-enroll for the next course on the dates specified on the course dateline section of the insets . We regret we cannot accept students mid- course. If you are booking a course from overseas, please wait until we confirm your booking BEFORE booking a flight to Sana’a.

Discounts: We offer discounts to individual students based on the following time-scale, for students studying without a break:

5 month 10% 9 months = 12,5% 13 months or over = 15%

Cost of Living: If you come from Europe, USA, Australia or Japan, you will find the cost of everything in Sana’a relatively cheap. Travel by taxi, food and eating in restaurants is easily affordable. A meal in a local restaurant can cost from as little as 100 YR to 300 YR. Eating in international hotels will cost approximately 1800 YR.


Post and communication: please use the Institute’s postal address: PO Box, Sana’a Yemen for receiving correspondence. The telephone number is 00967 1 206917 and the Fax Number is 00967 1 209544

Medical: you do need yellow fever and cholera shots, and we suggest you update typhoid, tetanus, polio and hepatitis immunizations. It is necessary to take malaria tablets and advisable to bring mosquitoes repellent cream or spray.

Culture: Yemen is predominately a Muslim country, and it is important to respect their customs - in particular their dress code. This pertains particularly to women, as Yemen is a male - dominated society. Dress should be conservative, as shorts (men or women), short skirts or sleeveless garments are frowned upon. We advise students coming here in the winter to bring jumpers and jackets as it can get cold.

Please note that all course participants will receive on registration at the Institute, a detailed booklet that contains all essential information for foreigners staying in Yemen.


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