Yemeni Colloquial Arabic

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What Will You Learn

We have structured our YCA courses from level 1 (beginners) to level 8 (advanced) and by the end of each level you should be able to:

  • Level 1: * Ask and give personal information * Greet people * Shop * Give instructions to a taxi driver * Talk about jobs * Tell the time * Deal with money and numbers.
  • Level 2: * Describe people * Use plurals * Talk about likes and dislikes * Invite and suggest * Talk about people’s countries.
  • Level 3: * Talk about your family * Dates * Possessions * Future events * Obligations * Comparisons * Ask people not to do things.
  • Level 4: * Talk about the past * Tell stories * Ask about personal history * Make hypotheses about the future * Locate places on a map.
  • Level 5: * Talk out roles and cultural differences * Talk about feelings * Report opinions.
  • Level 6: * Talk about owing and borrowing money * Use common social formulae * * Express regrets and emotions.
  • Level 7: * Make travel arrangements * Express relationship between times * Gave advice * Express continuity of actions.
  • Level 8: * Express subtle sophisticated ideas * Put feelings into language * Use exaggeration and flattery * Engage in lively exchanges * Understand some of the cultural influences on the language.

We have tailored our materials to serve both function and structure, as well as practicing different language skills. Levels 4 to 8 are more focused on discussions, simulations and language projects. As studying both YCA & MSA readily compliment each other, we have timetabled our courses to make this practical.



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